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March 2, 2024

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Please note that these publications may not be up-to-date as taxation matters are subject to frequent changes.

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Winter 2007
Volume 7, Number 1

    The information in Tax Perspectives is prepared for general interest only. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are accurate. However, professional advice should always be obtained before acting and TSG member firms cannot assume

  • Introduction
    By Michael Cadesky, FCA, TEP
    Cadesky and Associates LLP (Toronto)

    This latest edition of Tax Perspectives contains a wide range of articles. It begins with a quick summary of the tax changes we have seen in 2006, and what may be expected in the March, 2007 Federal Budget. Then, Thomas Lee, of Hong Kong, looks at tax...

  • Minority Governments & Tax Changes
    By Michael Cadesky, FCA, TEP
    Cadesky and Associates LLP (Toronto)

    If there was any concern that a minority government would not be able to press forward with an agenda for reform and new initiatives, this has certainly been dispelled in the tax area. In 2006, we saw more changes in the ten months during which the...

  • China — Tax Reform on the Way?
    By Thomas Lee, LL.M, FHKSA

    For the past two decades, China has had a two-tier corporate tax system — one for corporations owned by China residents (domestic enterprise) and another for corporations owned by foreigners (foreign-owned enterprise). A Chinese foreign joint...

  • ITSG At Your Service

    The International Tax Specialist Group (ITSG) is a first cousin to the Tax Specialist Group (TSG), with overlapping membership, and common founders. As the name implies, ITSG is an international group, focusing on international matters. Through...

  • The U.S. Tax Outlook — 2007

    The U. S. tax law in 2007 will continue to focus on priorities that have emanated from recent legislative and administrative developments. While high profile tax cases and related rationales always represent an integral part of U. S. tax law...

  • Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do
    By Manu Kakkar, CA, CGA, TEP
    Manu Kakkar CA Inc. (London, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec)

    The biggest complaint I hear from clients (as well as my family!) about income tax is that it does not make any sense. In the client's view, a fairly straightforward business concept becomes convoluted by income tax laws created by divergent tax...

  • Customs Duty — Some Tax Saving Ideas

    Those engaged in international trade view customs duties as a form of "import tax. " Unlike other taxes, they represent a deductible expense in the calculation of income earned by the business entity importing goods into Canada. Savings of customs...

  • In Brief
    By Howard L. Wasserman, CA, CFP, TEP
    Cadesky and Associates LLP (Toronto)

    This past year was a landmark year for tax developments in Canada. Below is a brief outline of some of the more significant ones. Treaty Shopping In a key decision, the Tax Court of Canada has stated that international treaty shopping is...