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July 20, 2024

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    China Business and Tax Consulting

  • China Consulting
    China is fast becoming a major powerhouse of the Asian economy. With its vast population, China may emerge ultimately as the largest consumer market in the world. Its economy is growing at a rapid pace, its infrastructure is... [MORE]
  • Unique Challenges
    Setting up a business in China is a difficult proposition because of; language barriers,; fundamental cultural differences,; rapidly evolving laws and regulations,; lack of a Western-style legal and court system, and; high level... [MORE]
  • Services Required
    Foreign investors need guidance on all aspects of investing in China, including especially the following:; choosing the right form of entity (representative office, wholly owned foreign company, or equity joint venture);;... [MORE]
  • Four Phases of the Chinese Business Cycle
    The life cycle of a business in China can be grouped into four phases:; initial investigation;; setup;; maintenance, development, and growth; and; sale, merger, and public offering.Professional services are needed at every stage,... [MORE]