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April 16, 2024

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Deceased Taxpayer Tax Fillings

The preparation of tax returns for a deceased taxpayer and trust returns for an estate are specialized services within the tax field. Numerous elections and tax-planning opportunities are available, and an experienced tax professional can bring about substantial tax savings.

We handle all of the tax aspects of a deceased taxpayer filing and related tax matters for the estate, including

  • reviewing the tax position on death,
  • reviewing the will to determine the tax implications,
  • preparing the deceased taxpayer's tax return,
  • analyzing tax-planning options to minimize the tax on the estate, the deceased, and the beneficiaries,
  • preparing valuations required for tax return filings,
  • advising on the optimal distribution of assets,
  • tax and estate planning for a surviving spouse or other beneficiaries, and
  • preparing trust returns for the estate.

We also review any estate planning done thus far for the family and modify it as appropriate.