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April 16, 2024

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Estate Plans

Appropriate and timely estate planning is critical to wealth preservation, whether the wealth is in liquid securities, a family business, real estate, or a combination of these. We are particularly experienced in designing and implementing estate plans. Where engaged to develop on estate plan, we:

  • prepare a summary of the client's major assets and liabilities, and evaluate the tax consequences involved in passing these assets to the next generation;
  • review the client's will and determine the family's personal wishes with respect to the succession of assets;
  • determine whether there is a need for insurance and the type of insurance, and suggest an amount;
  • develop an estate plan, which may involve an estate freeze or a gifting program;
  • implement the estate plan, and coordinate any required legal work;
  • recommend revisions to wills to enhance the effectiveness of the tax planning and lighten the tax burden on the estate and heirs.

Often a plan can be designed to eliminate all tax on shares of corporations that would otherwise result on death.

We monitor the estate plan year by year, adjusting it for changing financial circumstances; changing family, financial, and personal objectives; and changing tax laws.