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June 13, 2024

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Executives Coming to Canada

Executives coming to Canada find the Canadian tax system confusing and complex, full of reporting forms, deadlines and paperwork. This combined with high tax rates can be challenging at best and demoralizing at worst.

We can assist in a variety of ways.

Prior to coming to Canada, we can do a preliminary assessment of the executive's tax position. At the same time, we will address tax planning ideas and consider various tax planning strategies. These may include:

  • use of an immigrant trust to shelter foreign income from Canadian tax;
  • realizing income before arrival (such as exercising stock options);
  • triggering capital gains after arrival, since Canada offers new residents favourable capital gins tax treatment;

We can also advise on executive compensation and moving reimbursements as well as tax equalization policies.

Through our international contacts, we can coordinate tax planning in the executive's home country and assist with tax filings.

We will prepare all required Canadian tax filings, and handle correspondence with the tax authorities.