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July 19, 2024

Service Areas


Our valuations professionals can provide expert valuation assistance for various purposes, including

  • estate planning, where a valuation is needed to carry out an estate freeze;
  • death, where a deemed sale creates capital gains and fair market value must be determined;
  • matrimonial purposes, to value family assets in a property division, and to determine income for support purposes;
  • fairness opinions, where a company is planning to go public, is planning to go private, is purchasing another company in a takeover bid, or is entering into a related party transaction; and
  • shareholder or partner disputes, where one shareholder plans to buy out another or is forced to do so pursuant to corporation acts.

We also

  • perform due diligence work and forensic accounting investigations;
  • assist in professional negligence action and damages quantification (e.g. insurance claims, business and personal, expropriations, breach of contract); and
  • assistance with obtaining financing.