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March 2, 2024

Member Firms

  • Cadesky Tax

    Based in Toronto, Cadesky and Associates is a tax consulting firm with a broad focus on Canadian and international tax matters. Its partners and principals include chartered accountants, tax lawyers, and business valuators. Partners Michael Cadesky and Grace Chow have written extensively and published numerous articles on tax topics for various organizations, including the Canadian Tax Foundation. The firm specializes in advising on tax planning matters, with special emphasis on the international area and estate planning.

    Phone: 416 498 9500
    Fax: 416 498 9501
    Website: www.cadesky.com

  • David M. Sherman

    LLB, LLM, is a leading authority on the GST and Canadian income tax law. He provides tax consulting services, primarily in the resolution of GST and income tax disputes with Canada Revenue Agency auditors and appeals officers. He is the author of many leading publications including The Practitioner's Income Tax Act, Canada GST Service, Canada GST Cases and Practitioner's GST Annotated.

    Phone: 416 781 4622
    Fax: 416 781 4633
    Website: www.davidsherman.ca

  • Daye & Partners

    Based in Edmonton, Daye & Company offers a full range of services to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, with significant expertise in income taxes. Bill Daye specializes in estate planning, sucession planning, purchase and sale of businesses and agricultural tax matters. He was the Chairman of the CICA Tax Alliance Board and has authored several professional development courses for the CICA.

    Phone: 780 761 2140
    Website: www.dayeandpartners.com

  • Ed Northwood and Associates

    coming soon

    Phone: 716.332.3456
    Fax: 716.332.3457
    Website: www.ednorthwood.com

  • Frostiak & Leslie

    Frostiak & Leslie, Winnipeg, is an entrepreneurial-minded chartered accountancy firm providing tax, accounting and business advisory services to owner-managed enterprises across Canada. Its tax team has considerable experience in the areas of corporate tax planning, estates and trusts and services for high net worth individuals. It currently services clients in several provinces including B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia, and also in the U.S.

    Phone: 204 487 4449
    Fax: 204 488 8658
    Website: www.cafinancialgroup.com

  • Hull Tax Consulting Ltd.

    Phone: 604 496 0434
    Fax: 604 497 0434
    Website: www.hulltax.com

  • Lewis and Company

    Lewis and Company, Vancouver, is a tax consulting firm with service offerings ranging from entrepreneurial local business, to cross-border transactions, advice to local accounting firms and estate planning. The firm's partners, Peter Lewis and Hugh Woolley, both have over 20 years of experience in providing tax advisory services.

    Phone: 604 664 0680
    Fax: 604 685 3806
    Website: www.taxspecialistgroup.ca/public/index.asp?site=lewisandco

  • Manu Kakkar CPA Inc.

    Based in Montreal, Manu Kakkar CPA Inc. Specializes in tax planning and R&D tax credit work.

    Manu Kakkar CPA Inc. Services other accountants, lawyers, business advisors, public and private companies and high net worth individuals across Canada. Manu Kakkar is a frequent speaker and writer for the Canadian Tax Foundation, CGA Magazine and the Institutes of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and Quebec.

    Phone: 514-856-0833
    Fax: 514-745-0611
    Website: www.kakkar.com

  • Moodys Gartner Tax Law

    At Moodys Gartner Tax Law, we ONLY do tax. It is not an add-on service, it is our singular focus. Tax in Canada. Tax in the US. Tax in both. We were built to serve the most successful individuals and businesses. Our expertise is smoothly delivered through an ensemble of affiliated lawyers and Chartered Accountants. At Moodys Gartner Tax Law, it is all about tax.

    Phone: 403 693 5100
    Fax: 403 693 5101
    Website: www.moodysgartner.com

  • Rinald Tax Advisory Inc.

    At Rinald Tax Advisory Inc., based out of Victoria, B.C., we provide a full range of corporate and personal tax services to individuals, family enterprises, businesses and their advisors. When working with our clients and network of professionals, we offer peace of mind by ensuring effective tax measures are in place during the key transition points of life that affect personal and business wealth. For detailed descriptions of our services, please visit our website at www.rcatax.com

    Phone: 250 361 1300
    Fax: 250 590 1555
    Website: www.rcatax.com