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    International Tax - Personal

  • Offshore Investment and Trust Structures
    Certain offshore strategies can be effective for high net worth individuals. However, to the uninitiated, the offshore world is complex, confusing, and fraught with difficulties. The Canadian tax legislation in the international... [MORE]
  • Tax Planning for New Immigrants to Canada
    Canada offers generous tax exemptions and incentives for new immigrants. We are very experienced in advising new immigrants on how to take maximum advantage of these exemptions and incentives. We closely coordinate this tax... [MORE]
  • Executives Coming to Canada
    Executives coming to Canada find the Canadian tax system confusing and complex, full of reporting forms, deadlines and paperwork. This combined with high tax rates can be challenging at best and demoralizing at worst. We can... [MORE]
  • Tax Planning To Become Non-Resident
    Canada is a land of immigrants. While more people arrive than leave, a sizable number of people do emigrate for personal, financial, retirement, or tax reasons.We can advise on the tax consequences of leaving Canada, recommend the... [MORE]