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March 2, 2024

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International Tax Planning

Canadian companies are expanding into the international arena at an ever-increasing rate. Once the realm of only the largest multinational corporations, today small and medium-sized companies frequently have international activities.

Sometimes, insufficient attention is paid to tax consequences of international expansion. We can analyze an international business structure to determine whether it has been arranged in the most advantageous way and assist in restructuring the corporate group, if necessary. We also assist with the detailed and meticulous compliance requirements that are necessary for Canadian tax-filing purposes. Finally, we can advise on favourable low-tax jurisdictions.

At the same time, we analyze the tax position of the company's shareholders to determine whether an international structure could be of benefit at the personal level.

With working experience in over 30 countries, we are experts in international tax treaty networks. These can be used to minimize taxes (especially withholding taxes) and to make a tax plan more resilient to challenge by tax authorities.