Service Areas

    Personal Tax Planning

  • High Net Worth Families
    We frequently develop tax-planning strategies for high net worth families. We attempt to minimize their current taxes and develop a long-term strategic tax plan that will minimize their taxes on and after retirement. In some... [MORE]
  • Retirement Planning
    We provide a financial planning service to enable people to determine their expected level of income and the related tax liability in retirement. We develop financial models based upon expected rates of return and can advise, in... [MORE]
  • Employee Share Ownership Programs
    For many years we have assisted with designing and implementing employee share ownership programs (ESOPs). These range from granting a small share position to a key executive to the complete buyout of a company by its employees.We... [MORE]
  • Executive Compensation
    We design and implement executive compensation programs. This entails advising on the optimal forms of compensation, taxable and non-taxable benefits, tax-effective retirement plans, stock option programs, and insurance and... [MORE]
  • Family Trusts
    We have a variety of techniques for setting up income-splitting arrangements using trusts. These include arranging for capital gains to be realized by family members who have little or no income.A trust can have a variety of other... [MORE]