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September 20, 2021

Service Areas

Barbados Offshore Tax Planning

Our Barbados-Caribbean and international tax planning services include both corporate and personal tax planning to take advantage of the Barbados international tax treaties specifically in the following areas:

  • International Corporate Structures
  • Domestic and Offshore Trust Structures
  • Structuring and Pricing of Cross-Border Transactions and Contracts
  • Corporate and Personal Income Tax Rulings
  • Barbados Foreign Currency Clearance Rulings
  • Emigration and Immigration Tax Arrangements
  • Resident Income Tax Rulings
  • Defence of tax positions with international and Barbados Tax Authorities

We take a hands-on approach to our planning work. In addition to designing tax planning strategies and arrangements, we make sure that they are correctly implemented. We review client structures on an ongoing basis, to make sure the tax planning is not compromised by changes in tax law or circumstances, and that all required tax compliance is accurately completed and filed on a timely basis.