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July 19, 2024

Service Areas

E-Commerce Tax Structures

Through our close association with New Media Architects, we assist clients in designing and building e-commerce applications for a variety of business applications. These include automating existing systems using Web-based technology, developing storefront Web sites with automatic ordering and payment gateways, designing Web-based accounting software and publishing programs, and creating time-billing and costing systems.

We have developed an understanding of e-commerce technology and have spoken and written extensively on the tax issues involved in e-commerce.

We can advise existing businesses as well as new ventures on the feasibility of setting up international structures using automated techniques for conducting business activities. These structures can lead to substantial tax benefits at an economic cost.

For companies already using e-commerce techniques, we can analyze the transactions and advise on issues such as withholding tax, carrying on business, allocating profits between countries, classifying income, and other matters.