Monday, August 8, 2022

We provide cost effective offshore services to entrepreneurs and their closely-held businesses operating in the global economy. Our team is responsive to their business needs in the offshore.

We provide a full-range of offshore business services at competitive rates; including tax planning, out-sourced financing, strategic planning, management and other financial services in Barbados and other major offshore financial centres.

Our Advisory Team


Tyson W. Thompson


International Tax Consultant

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A list of our associates can be found on the International Tax Specialist Group (ITSG) website

Tax-Efficient Barbados Entities
  • International Business Corporation (IBC)
  • International Society with Restricted Liability (ISRL)
  • International Segregated Cell Company (ISCC)
    Taxed @ 2.5% - 1% on international income (not capital gains) + annual licensing fees
  • Regular Domestic Barbados Corporation (RBC)
  • Regular Society with Restricted Liability (SRL)
  • Regular Segregated Cell Company (SCC)
    Taxed @ 1.75% on foreign currency earnings
    Taxed @ 25% on Barbados source income (not capital gains)
  • Domestic Trust
    Taxed on undistributed income (not capital gains) on worldwide basis @ personal tax rates up to 35%
  • International Trust (IT)
    Taxed on undistributed income (not capital gains) on a remittance basis only @ personal tax rates up to 35% + annual licensing fees
  • Offshore Bank Trust (OBT)
    Exempt from tax on international income and capital gains